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Amateur Radio Council of Arizona

The Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA) is a statewide 501(c)(3) organization comprised of Amateur Radio Clubs from all parts of Arizona, working for the betterment of Amateur Radio statewide. The objectives of the Council are to combine opinions, ideas, and strengths of the various clubs; to assist the affiliated clubs in promoting the welfare of the Amateur Radio fraternity; and to encourage activities that will benefit the art of Amateur Radio. The council funds the Repeater Owners Group who coordinate repeaters in Arizona, and also sponsors many events throughout the state. Donations to the council may be tax deductible (talk with your tax advisor).

Cash donations from member clubs and interested individuals help ARCA fund these activities. If you would like to make a cash donation to help, you may mail a check to the council at:
                        Amateur Radio Council of Arizona
                        16845 N 29th Ave., #312
                        Phoenix, AZ  85053-3041

Please make checks payable to Amateur Radio Council of Arizona

Other ways to support the council include: