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ARCA Ham of the Year

 2021 ARCA Ham of the Year 

Steve W6SDM & Charlie N2TFS   2021 Plaque

Charlie Zurenko, N2TFS was named the 2021 ARCA Ham of the Year. He was nominated by the Arizona Amateur Radio Club. Charlie is an active member of AARC and the president of the Arizona Red Cross Communications Club (AzRCCC). He serves as liaison between the Red Cross and both clubs. Charlie was instrumental in  establishing a workable protocol with the Red Cross that allowed monthly test sessions to continue throughout the pandemic. He helped at all the sessions to ensure the protocol was followed.

Charlie also serves as a Red Cross Volunteer on their Disaster Services Team. He helps to maintain and establish radio communications throughout the state. Charlie runs the AzRCCC monthly meeting and serves as Net Control for the weekly net. He helps other learn to operate the equipment in the Red Cross communications room, organizes participation in club exercises and activities, and graciously helps anyone in need.

Charlie is currently the Second Vice-Chairperson of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona and was elected to the position of First Vice-Chairperson for the 2021-2022 term.

Congratulations Charlie. 

2023 ARCA Ham of the Year

Nominations for the 2023 ARCA Ham of the Year are currently being solicited.  Nominations are to be made by ARCA Member Clubs for the person they feel has contributed the most to the hobby over the past year.  A letter on club stationery, signed by a club officer (not related to the nominee) must be sent by an affiliated club stating the person nominated and the reason(s) the club feels the nominee should receive this honor.  Nominations must be received by ARCA no later than May 1, 2023 to allow time for compilation of the nominations, voting and plaque preparation. Voting is done by the last 11 recipients of the award.  Results will be announced at the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Letters of nomination MUST be sent via email to ARCA@ARCA-AZ.ORG

Follow up hard copy is no longer required

Remember - Nominations must be RECEIVED by ARCA no later than May 1, 2023.