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2017 ARCA Ham of the Year - Joe Hobart, W7LUX

Joe Hobart, W7LUX's dedication to introducing young people to amateur radio and technology makes him the logical choice for the 2017 ARCA Ham of the Year. Joe elmers students in such endeavors as the fine art of soldering, the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station Program (ARISS) and answers questions about amateur radio, the different bands used, the frequencies, and proper Amateur Radio etiquette on the radio.

Joe serves as the District Emergency Coordinator for the Coconino County ARES unit. This position involves him with the emergency communications during storms and fires in the northern part of Arizona. He participates in public service events and organizes amateur radio communications for several long distance events where repeater coverage is poor and work arounds must be found. He is active in many of the Coconino County nets and the weekly RACES Net also.

Joe is a volunteer examiner and participates in and leads many VE sessions. He is a member of the Coconino Amateur Radio Club.

Joe is very deserving of the 2017 ARCA Ham of the Year award. Congratulations, Joe, and thank you for all you do for Amateur Radio in Arizon.

2018 ARCA Ham of the Year

Nominations for the 2018 ARCA Ham of the Year are currently being solicited.  Nominations are to be made by ARCA Member Clubs for the person they feel has contributed the most to the hobby over the past year.  A letter on club stationery, signed by a club officer (not related to the nominee) must be sent by an affiliated club stating the person nominated and the reason(s) the club feels the nominee is deserving of the honor.  Nominations must be received by ARCA no later than May 1, 2018 to allow time for compilation of the nominations, voting and plaque preparation. Voting is done by the last 11 recipients of the award.  Results will be announced at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Letters of nomination should be sent U S Mail to:

ARCA - Ham of the Year Award
16845 N 29th Ave., #312
Phoenix, AZ  85053-3041

Remember - Nominations must be received by ARCA no later than May 1, 2018.