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The Amateur Radio Council of Arizona membership year runs January through December and becoming a member is easy.  Interested clubs must be located in Arizona and have a minimum of 5 members. Some of the advantages of being affiliated with ARCA include:

    1. Eligibilty for grants made by the council for projects the club wishes to undertake for the advancement of Amateur Radio throughout the state.

    2. Sponsorship of member clubs' hamfests and events.

    3. Participation in the ARCA Awards (Ham of the Year and Young Ham of the Year) and scholarship programs.

    4. Sharing ideas and concerns with other Amateur Radio Clubs in the state.

Applications for Membership and Renewals are now being processed electronically. Click on Membership Form at the bottom of this page to access a form that can be filled out on-line. Save the form using you club name as the file name and send by it by email to ARCA@ARCA-AZ.ORG. Be sure to attach the required club roster with the form. (Only the members' name and call signs are required.)

 Please - Do Not Use Membership Forms dated prior to 12/24/2021.

To pay dues, choose the number of members you have in the drop down box below the Membership Form link. After selecting the number of members, click on the "Buy Now" button. Dues payment will be handled through PayPal to ARCA@ARCA-AZ.ORG. You do not need a PayPal account. Please be sure to reference the club's name in the "Instructions to Merchant." If not using the club's PayPal account and "Instructions to Merchant" does not appear, send an email to ARCA@ARCA-AZ.ORG stating dues for your club were sent through PayPal.

MEMBERSHIP FORM AND ROSTER ARE REQUIRED with your renewal per the ARCA By-Laws. If you are having trouble accessing the form, send a message to the ARCA board (through the Contact ARCA link) and a form will be sent to you.

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