Logo Scholarship Guidelines 

The Amateur Radio Council of Arizona scholarship will be funded directly from the ARCA treasury. The amount and number of scholarships to be awarded in any given year will be decided upon by the ARCA board. Scholarships will be awarded at the summer Annual Meeting.

General Guidelines

1. Applicant must be a licensed amateur radio operator and a resident of the state of Arizona. A copy of their current license must be attached to the application form.

2. The applicant must be a current member (or family member) in good standing with an ARCA affiliated club.

3. Applicant must present a letter of recommendation signed by an officer or board member (other than a family member) of an ARCA affiliated club.

4. Applicant should demonstrate on application participation and activity in Amateur Radio.

5. Applicant must be enrolled in or accepted into a university, college, junior college, technical school, or other such institution of higher learning and must demonstrate such by providing a copy of course schedule, letter of acceptance or other document of proof.

6. Particular course of study is unimportant; however, study of the sciences is preferable.

7. Affiliated clubs may develop particular guidelines as suits their individual preferences.

Mail completed application with all required documentation to:

Amateur Radio Council of Arizona
Scholarship Program
16845 N. 29th Ave., #312
Phoenix, AZ   85053-3041

To be eligible for the 2019 Scholarship, applications must be received by ARCA by May 1, 2020.