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What Is ARCA


The Amateur Radio Council of Arizona, Inc. (ARCA) is a non-profit organization comprised of Amateur Radio Clubs from all parts of Arizona, working for the betterment of amateur radio statewide. The objectives of the Council are to combine opinions, ideas, and strengths of the various clubs; to assist the affiliated clubs in promoting the welfare of the amateur radio fraternity; and to encourage activities that will benefit the art of amateur radio. Each affiliated club is represented by a delegate or alternate at each of the Council meetings. These representatives nominate and elect the officers of the Council and coordinate ARCA activities. Proposed actions are approved by a majority vote of the representatives present.

The officers of ARCA invite all Arizona Amateur Radio Clubs to consider becoming a member. One club (even two or three) might not have the resources to undertake a project that is important to them, but working together gets the job done. What better reason for your club participating? We know that ARCA needs you, and hope that you will feel you need to be a part of ARCA.

Amateur Radio Council of Arizona activities include:

Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to licensed amateurs who are enrolled in an institute of higher learning. Applicants are members of and recommended by affiliated clubs.

Grants. Grants are given to affiliated clubs for purposes that benefit the Amateur Radio community and enhance the communications network in the state.

Frequency Coordinating Committee. Composed of repeater owners, this group voluntarily works out frequency allocation to prevent potential interference and maintains an on-line directory of coordinated repeaters in the state.

Hamfests. An on-line master hamfest calendar is maintained to help avoid scheduling conflicts and advertise upcoming amateur radio events. In addition, ARCA sponsors numberouse hamfests and conventions held across Arizona throughout the year to help promote these events. ARCA maintains an inventory of equipment that is available for sponsored events to utilize if needed.

AZ QSO Party. ARCA sponsors the Arizona QSO Party held in October. The objective of the party is for stations outside of Arizona to work as may Arizona stations as possible and for Arizona stations to work everyone. Plaques are awarded in several categories.

Ham of the Year Award (HOY). A handsome plaque is awarded to the person chosen as the ARCA Ham of the Year based on outstanding service to the ham community. Nominations are made by affiliated clubs. Voting is done by previous recipients of the award.

Young Ham of the Year Award (YHOY). One deserving young individual under the age of 18 years is honored as the ARCA Young Ham of the Year with a handsome plaque. Nominations are made by affiliated clubs. Voting is done by previous Ham of the Year recipients.

Causes for the General Benefit of Amateur Radio. ARCA is ARRL affiliated and supports their work for the benefit of amateur radio and the protection of amateur operator's privileges and frequencies. ARCA is also active in state and local issues affecting amateur radio, such as tower ordinances, hands-free ordinances, etc. ARCA also helps to support emergency communication and public service efforts.

2023 - 2024 Officers:
        Chairperson - Charlie Zurenko, N2TFS
        1st Vice-Chairperson - Ray Vasquez, K4RMV
        2nd Vice-Chairperson - Tom Cloonan, NL7FQ
        Secretary - Lee Ilse, K7OED
        Past Chairperson - Steve Miller, W6SDM
        Treasurer - Christine Kesauer, N7PVL

Please remember, ARCA is an entirely volunteer organization and returning phone calls, responding to inquiries, and so forth, sometimes takes a little time.  Rest assured that if you call the ARCA Voice Line, your call WILL be returned.  If you send an email, either through this site or otherwise, we WILL respond.

Amateur Radio Council of Arizona          16845 N. 29th Avenue, #312          Phoenix, AZ  85053-3041